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Showrooming – an Opportunity or Threat for retailers?

The digital revolution continues apace in retail. And one of the latest trends is showrooming, when consumers go into a store to look at and test a product but then leave to buy it online. This is fast becoming a […]

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Ecommerce springs into action: How retailers can boost their ecommerce sites during Spring Fair International 2013

With Christmas 2012 behind us, the sales figures are in and they all point to changing consumer patterns, with a growing share of shoppers doing more of their spending online and an emergence of ‘show rooming’ and ‘price matching’. However the […]

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power to the people

Power to the People!

Is there anything as powerful as the internet? It has brought down governments, businesses and aided in major civil unrest. Look at the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa as governments fall and people are mobilised by the […]

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